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    So let me tell you a story.  It’s about two girls, a shop, and a blog.  And no, it’s not some weird joke.  It’s actually oddly sappy for my taste.

    What seems like forever ago, I had finished grad school, was working part time, substituting, and trying to find a teaching job.  I was trying to figure out who exactly I was supposed to be in life after college.  In an effort to do all this figuring out, I applied and was hired at a women, children, and home decor shop in town.  It was owned by this girl who intimidated the hell out of me, but somehow I could stand there and spill my guts for what seemed like forever or walk around the shop wearing clothes like I already owned them, and not feel out of place at all.  Over the next 5 years, my “boss” and I became something of a duo, but I’ve still never gone to her house for grilled pizzas, so there’s that.

    Working at the shop poured over into my style.  I became more me.  I wore what I wanted to wear.  It even poured over into my personality and my life in general.  I became much more outgoing.  I met so many people through the shop and I’m so happy that I did.  I became involved in our small community.  I became comfortable in my own skin.  I became happy simply being me.  When I finally started teaching full time, I couldn’t pull myself away from the shop, so I worked there part time.  I realize now that, yes, I had come to love my job, but I also loved the friendship my “boss” and I had cultivated.  We truly were a team.  I grew in such a positive way during that time and Megan was present for all of it.  I wasn’t ready to give all that up.  However, I wasn’t the only one evolving, growing, changing.  Megan was too.

    Several months ago, Megan broke the news to me that she’d be closing the shop.  Her shop was most definitely a success, but Megan was ready for a change.  She had new adventures in the works – ones that more directly aligned with her changing goals.  It’s not a sad story – the shop is now thriving under new ownership and Megan has since put into motion two incredible businesses – Less House More Home (if you’re looking for an interior stylist, she’s it) and The Boss Planner (“a goal-setting guide with a ‘get shit done’ attitude”).  If we thought our duo would suffer a break up after the shop was transferred over, boy were we wrong.  The blog you’re looking at now is a product of her – she set up each nook and cranny of my creative outlet and I’m incredibly thankful.  And I’m also so proud to call this chick my friend.  End sappiness.

    I don’t have a house she can decorate for me and that I can share with you, but I definitely own The Boss Planner!

    It’s the little things.  Like a cover you can decorate…

    soul | from boss to boss planner

    the hand-drawn watercolors…soul | from boss to boss planner

    the perfect month and perforated to-do lists that keep my place…soul | from boss to boss planner

    a Monday weekly start…soul | from boss to boss planner

    happy and sometimes sassy reminders to get going…
    soul | from boss to boss planner

    and ‘sic’ stickers, as Megan would say.soul | from boss to boss planner

    Now that you’ve seen how awesome The Boss Planner is, share this post by sharing my Facebook post!  I’ll choose 1 person who shared, as the winner of a FREE Boss Planner of their own.  Looking for better odds?  Sign up for emails here, to the right, or at the bottom of the page, then head over to my Facebook post and comment with a screenshot of your share!  Each action will earn you an additional entry!  Winner will be chosen on Saturday, April 29th, at 10am, so be sure to share away!  The winner’s planner will cover them for May & June!

    Can’t live without?  July – December planners are coming soon!  If you want to pre-order your own planner, be sure to add the referral CUL-TI-VATE to your order notes!  For every order placed using this refferal, you will be entered to win a 2018 12-month Boss Planner from Megan!

    Just remember – good friends are hard to find and so are planners.  Happy planning, friends.

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