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    As I sit here this morning, following my mom’s race progress as she runs 13.1 miles, I know that goals are certainly attainable.  While September wasn’t as successful as I’d have liked it to be on the “walk everyday” front, I realize that there was progress made.  I am more aware of being stagnant, I do my best to walk rather than sit when my class is on the playground, I park further away from store fronts, and I do my best to take a long walk with two of my favorite people every week.  Therefore, September was somewhat successful, especially in showing me where to take that goal now.  While I don’t plan to walk everyday going forward, I do plan to continue to do something active everyday – yoga, walk, cardio, etc.  Boom, September goal to be continued.  If yours wasn’t as productive as you’d hoped, find the good and walk away.

    Onto October.  Is it weird that I’m about to set a goal about goal-setting?  In the last month, I’ve headed back to the classroom and everything else seems to be on hold.  For the month of October (and beyond…) I plan to set 3 achievable to-dos every day and it’s my goal to get them all done daily.  Putting them in my Boss Planner is the first step.  If that fails, writing them on my forehead will be my next.

    What about you?  What’s your October goal?  Print your october goal calendar and get on it!  Check out the the original goals post for some thoughts!

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